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2nd opinion from World-Class Doctors at the Push of a button

Why would a clinic
join world top docs?

WTD will help improve your services provided by having access to the highest level of care and recommendations. You’ll have the ability to escalate your credibility, improve your outcomes and increase revenues as you expand your specialties with the touch of a button.

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Increase Revenue

  • Stop patients from leaving your facility to the US or other care providers for elite care
  • Charge a premium percentage for second opinion from an expert
  • Provide additional specialty care plans with second opinion advice
  • Increase visibility of your location with our partnership on the web

Escalate Credibility

  • WTD affiliates are carefully selected by our world-class doctors
  • Validate your services with our partnership
  • With our network of experts you will be able to expand your specialties
  • Receive our seal of approval with a badge you can place on your website and marketing

Improve Outcomes

  • Provides proper diagnosis for patients
  • Gives patient confidence in their care plan
  • Patient experience with our virtual calls adds professionalism
  • Convenient and instant access in an emergency situation to our experts

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Our sales team will reach out to you with-in 48 hours to set up a call to discuss plans available:

Expert 2nd opinion.

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Get instant access to WTD at your fingertips and be able to schedule appointments, video chat seamlessly and track patient consults.

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